TS Natassia Dreams Fucks her SuperFan….

Amateur female bodybuilding contestants, Ariel X and Domme Natassia Dreams are in a dead heat for victory. The crowd is small but intense with one particular fan cheering the loudest. He is the super fan of Domme Natassia Dreams and his obsession borders on stalking.When he sneaks into the changing room after the show, Domme Natassia Dreams has had enough. She tricks him into rubbing her shoulders until the moment is just right for her to bounce on his scrawny frame. She eats him alive and when he finds out she has a cock his surprise leads to terror when he realizes she is going to shove it up his ass while flexing in her trademark double bicep stance. His fantasy is more than real and he feels every inch of her as she rocks his arse and mouth. She even gives him a good spanking while he bends over waiting for her cock. Hot damn, we LOVE it when Domme Natassia Dreams comes to town! >>>Click Here<<<


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