TS Vegas Foxxy hates sports but she LOVES men. Especially guys just being dudes in their natural element. She wanders through a tailgate party outside the stadium and casts a net at the shy guy grilling for his frat friends.
He follows her to an abandoned bathroom where she coaxes his hard cock through the glory hole. TS Vegas Foxxy deep throats his dick while stroking her own cock that he can’t see.
When they emerge from the stalls, Lance can’t believe his luck – he never scores – and certainly not with a fine lady like TS Vegas Foxxy. Lance is just as excited to brag about this conquest as he is about getting a hot pre-game blow job. That is, until he discovers that TS Vegas Foxxy has plans for HIS ass and is going to unload her own cock cum on his shirt. He may say he doesn’t like it, but his hard cock betrays him as he cums while getting fucked.

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